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February 26th, 2007

First Story: Mosh Pit Lies

converse love

First story I've written... please don't be too harsh-- you can give criticism without being a douche. Thanks. 

Mosh Pit Lies
Author: poetscometolife
Length: Will be continued if people like it.
Rating: PG-13/R for vulgarity
Genre: non-fiction
Disclaimer/Claimer: Fictional characters. Fictional plot. Fictional story.
Summary: Story of 17-year old Jamie Longview and her concert-going life. Much vulgarity. Will be continued if positive criticism is received and people enjoy it. 

Mosh Pit Lies

Lights flashing. Laser changing position every few seconds. The sound of a variety of different voices screaming in anticipation all at once. The painful feeling in your foot when a man twice your size steps on it.

"Aww, shit."

This is heaven. 17-year old Jamie Longview thought. Tonight was her first concert in a month. She wondered how she had lasted that long. She sighed. Only five more minutes...

She was very lucky to get tickets to this very popular local sold-out show. Without her friend, Amy, she probably wouldn't have gotten the ticket. Amy's dad owned the small night club she was at now, and always had a few extra tickets at hand to give to family and friends if they wanted to attend. Jamie would have loved to bring her friend with her tonight, but Amy's arm was still healing from the last time she was in the pit. A crowdsurfer had fallen on top of her, which sent Amy to the ground. The crowndsufer wasn't the smallest person either, making the fall even worse.

The lights suddenly dimmed. The show had started.

A few shrieks (even a few from Jamie) erupted from the crowd as the first band The Quitters League ran onto the stage.

"Chicago! Are you mother-fuckers ready for a kick ass show tonight?" Chris, the lead singer of The Quitters League screamed.

The pit burst into cheers.

"Hell yeah!" He said back to the crowd.

Their set started out with a killer guitar riff and mind blowing drum solo. Jamie was having a wonderful time already as she screamed along all the words to the songs. She loved local bands and the enthusiasm they had.  

The only thing that bothered Jamie at shows like this were the mounds of fourteen and fifteen year olds that believed that they owned the place and could do whatever they wanted. She was surrounded by them. She was amazed that kids would dress up when they knew they were going to be in the pit. Jamie's idea of "dressing up" was her ratty old pair of Chuck Taylor's, a hoodie, and jeans.

Because of these kids Jamie was still pretty far back from the stage. She hated it. Ever since her first concert when she was twelve she had always had barricade. Since these dumbfucks were just standing there, as hard as rocks, Jamie wasn't even able to push through them.

She managed to get through a few kids. It was difficult, though, since their Abercrombie flip flops were glued to the floor.

"Hey! Stop pushing! That hurts!" a young girl in high heels and a mini skirt screamed back at Jamie.

"You're at a fucking show kid, in the mosh pit. What did you expect?" Jamie shot back at the kid. She didn't have time for people like that. She managed to push the girl aside as well as a few other people.

She sighed. God dammit. This isn't going as well as I suspected. Crowd surfing possibly? I haven't done that since I was fifteen. Well, I guess it's worth a shot.

"Hey! Dude, can you give me a boost?" Jamie asked the six-foot tall man next to her with tattoos all along his arms.

The man replied. "Yeah, sure. Crowd surfing, right?"

Jamie chuckled as she nodded her head.

The man grabbed her waist and hoisted her up towards the ceiling. The kids in front of her noticed her rising above their heads and started to carry her on top of the crowd. She attempted to cover her ass, but it was going too well. Besides all the groping, Jamie remembered how much fun being pushed above everyone's heads felt. She just prayed she wouldn't be dropped like last year. She shuddered whenever she thought about it.

As their last song was ending, Chris from The Quitters League noticed Jamie being carried closer and closer to the stage.

"Well looky here! Our first crowdsurfer of the night, kids! Let her down now. Gently, I might add. It takes a lot of guts to be the first kid do crazy shit like that. She at least deserves the barricade."

Holy shit. Is he really talking about me? This is awesome.

The crowd obeyed their "idols" wishes and let her down. The girl standing next to Jamie commented her on her outgoingness.

"Woah, that was awesome. Usually I'm the first one to do that at shows. But I got here super early and got barricade anyway." the girl said. She had many piercings including in her nose, lip, and eyebrow. Her bangs covered her eyes.

Jamie laughed. 

"Thanks... with all these thirteen year olds here it's kinda hard to push through 'em. It's like they're permanently stuck to the floor. They don't even move. What the hell is wrong with them?" She was still pissed about the whole situation.

"Oh my God.  I know. So annoying. I'm actually glad I got here early. Some of my friends were telling me about kids like that. I didn't think it was this bad. I thought I could just push them, you know. But my God are these kids tough. I totally agree with you.

"By the way, I'm Allison. Nice to meet you. You're pretty cool."

"Wow, thanks. I'm Jamie. It's nice to meet you." Jamie attempted to shake her hand but she was so squised it was nearly impossible. She instead just nodded at the girl.

"Right back at 'cha. Oooh, I think the second band is coming up. This shall be fun."

Fun it was. With Allison it seemed like it made the show even more fun. When the bands weren't up they talked about everything and anything. Music, shows, crowdsurfing, hair; everything a couple of teenagers from Chicago would talk about.

Right before the show actually ended Allison left. She said she had to get home quickly before her boyfriend would wonder where she was. Before she pushed out of the crowd she first gave Jamie her screen name and cell number. Jamie knew they would keep in touch.

By eleven o' clock when the show had ended surprisingly, the club emptied out more quickly that Jamie had thought it would. There were only a few people left inside by the time Jamie was ready to go, and no one standing around the half-stocked vending machines looked that interesting. She made her way out the door clutching the band t-shirt that she had just bought from Eric the merch guy.

As she entered the parking lot she heard voices. She couldn't make them out too well, but could tell that one of them was Chris' from The Quitters League.

"Baby, you know I didn't mean it. I love you. And only you."

"Save it for someone who cares, Chris. I am sure as hell not going to stay in a 'relationship'" she emphasized that word very strongly. "with a man who can't even tell the difference between friends and more than friends." an agitated woman's voice shot back at him.

"Oh come on, Kim. Of course I do. You're the one I love. Please, please let me ma--"

She cut him off.

" You want to make it up to me? Fine. Then explain to me why I saw your two's faces plastered against one another's tonight backstage. Please, enlighten me with your amazing lyrical words." "Kim" said as she kept her hands on her hips.

"Please, Kim. I don't know why... I just... Just forgive me, ple--"

She cut him off once more.

"No. I will not forgive you. I forgave you last time, but not anymore. I have no time for this. I have no time for you.

"Goodbye, Chris."

Jamie could hear the sound of heels walking away from Chris and a car door slamming. The streets glistened from the light the headlights on her car gave off.

Chris slid his body down, down the side of a black SUV which he had no idea as to who owned it. The cars alarms evidently could sense his body slide against it and went off. The beeping sound made Chris' headache seem even worse.

"Goddammit!" he shouted as he rose to his feet.

His hands held his head as he spun around unaware to anything in the (almost) empty parking lot.

Jamie knew she shouldn't, but she chuckled inside her head anyway. This is like the plots in those idiotic soap operas. Ha.
 Even though she was laughing, she still felt bad for the guy. She decided to reveal herself.

"Umm... hey Chris." Jamie shouted.

He looked up.

"Yeah? What do you want, kid?" he murmured. His mind was obviously somewhere other than in this parking lot.

"What? I can't hear you!" she yelled. The car alarm was still going off.

Chris got up and kicked the car once more. This time the alarm turned off.

"Thank God." He sighed. "Now, what did you want again?"

"Oh, umm, I just wanted to say that your guys played an awesome set tonight and I hope to see you guys again... Are you playing around here anytime in the near future?"

Chris scratched at his head making his shaggy dirty blond hair look amazing in the moonlight. She admitted to herself long ago that she had a crush on him.

"Yeah, I think we are. We can never forget Chicago. It's our home town... we love it here. I believe it will be on March 19."

"Cool. I'm sorry about you and that girl as well."

"Shit. Who else heard?"

"I think it was only the three of us." she replied.


"Well.. I hope to see you guys again soon. Good luck on your upcoming tour."

Jamie headed out to her Jeep. She was tired now, and knew her grandmother would want her home.

As she headed to section "A" in the parking lot she suddenly heard footsteps behind her.

Probably just somebody heading this way to their car
, she thought. 

"Hey!" Chris shouted. His hand was resting calmly on her shoulder. She spun around alarmed.

"Yeah, listen, kid. That girl, Kim, well she drove away with my car and I was wonder--"

"Wouldn't that be illegal?" Jamie questioned.

"Yeah, it would be. So that's not my car, but anyway, I have no way to get home now and the guys already left for the hotel an hour ago. Do you think you could drive me there? Just this once?"

"First of all, my name is Jamie, not 'hey kid'. And secondly, don't you guys have a tourbus by now?"

"Why hello, Jamie not hey kid."

She laughed. "Come on, now."

He chuckled too. "Well Jamie, no we do not have a tourbus yet. Hopefully after this next tour we'll have enough cash to buy one. But for now we just drive everywhere in the one car that Joe owns. So can you give me a lift?"

She was very hesitant; she had never done anything like this before. Oh just do it. What other time in your life will you be able to be in the same car as the rockstar you have admired for years?

"Sure. Hop in."


Will write more if this receives positive criticism and people enjoy it.


January 30th, 2007

I know it's all friends only, but everyone needs to watch this video:


Oh, and this one too:


peace, kids.

January 27th, 2007

Friends Only

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January 26th, 2007

Oh and...

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