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Lie On The Couch Until the Poets Come To Life

fix me in 45.

12 October
God, I have filled out so many of these before. -sigh- I'll do it again, I guess.
I am obsessive with music and the computer.
My favorite band is Fall Out Boy. I love those four boys from Chicago to death, even if I never meet them. I listen to lots of other artists, but I'm too lazy to type them all. Sorry, kids.
I am a very shy person. If I get to know someone pretty well I will eventually warm up. I used to be pretty outgoing when I was younger, but that has all diminished. I hate reading in front of people; I am always afraid of mis-pronouncing words. Sometimes I even don't wear a certain shirt or something because I am afraid of what people will think. But once you get to know me I start to get semi- outgoing.
I have a small family. I always have. But recently it has gotten even smaller. My mother, myself, and my two cats are all that is left of my immidiete family. My grandma passed away over the summer.
August 7, 2006.
I still haven't gotten over it and I never will.
I got on the computer a lot. I admit, I am obsessive. Lately I usually go online right when I get home instead of doing my homework. I still manage to maintain a B average though.
I am a FOBR boardie... and I am a grammar freak. Not chatspeak for me.

Bands I listen to:
Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, The Academy Is..., Paramore, Cute Is What We Aim For, New Found Glory, Kill Hannah, The Killers, lostprophets, 30 Seconds To Mars, Permanent Me, Panic! At The Disco, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Cartel, AFI, The All-American Rejects, The Early November.